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Sarner Financial is a one stop shop offering financial services for small and rapidly growing businesses. Although we work with a wide variety of organizations, the common theme among our clients is the need to fill gaps in back office operations where financial resources are limited. Here are a few examples to give you a better picture of where we can fit in:

Early stage ventures that are raising capital and beginning operations serve as ideal clients for our services. The enthusiasm and energy of founders pursuing their dream often becomes overshadowed by the daily challenges that go along with building a company. Usually these organizations may not need to hire a full time CFO or scale up with expensive infrastructure. We specialize in developing the accounting and financial infrastructure such clients need in this situation, freeing entrepreneurs to roll out their business plan.
Always struggling to allocate limited resources, non-profit organizations have unique financial reporting needs and compliance issues. Grants, endowments and funds necessitate careful tracking and monitoring. We’ll put the systems and resources in place to support your non-profit organization’s mission.

...freeing entrepreneurs to roll out their business plan.

Sarner Financial
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Smaller businesses that are closely held benefit from our services. Many small businesses fall prey to maintaining the status quo, eventually resulting in outdated systems, inefficiency and reduced profitability. Upgrading accounting technology and resolving the pain points owners deal with daily are successfully addressed when hiring Sarner Financial as your consulting CFO.

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About Us
Laurence Sarner founded Sarner Financial to fill a need in an underserved market. An MBA graduate of the Wharton School, Laurence started his career with the international accounting firm of PriceWaterhouseCoopers. He then moved on to work for other blue chip brand names such as PepsiCo and Disney. Later, he found himself working in smaller companies in the roles of CFO, consultant and founder. In those environments, he noticed that many small businesses, faced with limited financial options, are left at a disadvantage in securing the skills, expertise and resources to maximize their potential. Sarner Financial was created to fill these gaps. In addition to being licensed as an IRS Enrolled Agent, Sarner is an author of many blog pieces and articles on small business and financial planning topics.

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Fractional CFO Services

Many small and medium sized businesses need the depth of experience of a seasoned CFO yet don't have the financial resources to hire one. That's where we come in. We will supplement your existing accounting staff with the skills needed to keep your business running like a top.

Accounting System Design & Implementation

Whether you need a system tune up or an accounting system implemented from scratch, we can accommodate your needs.

Compliance Services

If you feel overwhelmed by the myriad of tax and regulatory filings, let us take those tasks off your plate.

Benefits & Retirement Planning

Small businesses have the same need as their larger counterparts to retain employees by offering benefits. We can set you up with retirement plans appropriate for your employee base.


Sarner Financial has earned the following certifications to offer best in class financial solutions for our clients.

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